Saturday, September 21, 2013

Florida Quarterback Jeff Driskel Out For The Season With Ankle Injury [UPDATE]

It was not the cleanest of games for the Florida Gators against Tennessee Saturday, but in the end the thing that mattered most was in their favor--the scoreboard. However, the price of the 31-17 win is shaping up to be a pretty stiff one.

Starting quarterback Jeff Driskel.

Screen shot from CBS
Early in the game Driskel threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown, but in the process was hit and had the back of his leg rolled up on.

It certainly was not a good sign when he returned to the field on crutches. At that point you knew it was pretty bad; it was just a matter of how bad.

Now we know. After the game Head Coach Will Muschamp announced that it was a broken ankle [UPDATE: Official word is a broken tibia]. Driskel will need surgery to repair it and is done for the season.

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