Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fred Smoot Blasts the Red Lobster and the Brat (aka Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin III)

The season is not going according to plan for the Washington Redskins. After a 0-3 start the boo-birds and haters are coming out of the woodwork faster than politicians when a lobbyist  is  offering  free dinner. One of the latest to join in on the hate parade was former defensive back Fred Smoot.

And he got a little creative.

While making a recent radio appearance Smoot let loose on the team, the coach, and its superstar with some nice comments  going as far as to suggest that the team owner, Dan Snyder, needs to fire Shanahan now.

Not just  Shanahan--but the Red Lobster:

“Robert Griffin III has been a Redskin now for one and a half years. If you’re gonna change his coach and you want a coach to grow with him...you have to do it now. And right now, I think the Red Lobster’s working his way outta here. I think Shanahan is working his way out of here.”
Red lobster? Ummm...okay.

While Shanahan  will have some responisbility to bear no matter what as the head coach, it isn't all on him. Maybe he  could have played RG3 in the preseason to get some of the kinks out. Maybe RG3 should not be playing at all.

It is also important to note that RG3 has accounted for close to 1000 yards of offense himself while the defense has given up  more than that. But I digress...

Smoot was not satisfied with just blasting the Red Lobster. He had some good words for Griffin as well:
“It’s about time somebody be honest,” Smoot said. “Sometimes RGIII can be a brat, alright?...With Luck and Wilson, and it’s a different vibe. Sometimes I’m starting to think that RGIII is really really buying into the attention.....”

What the? Has he not watched Griffin talk? Brat? As Ochocinco  would say--child please!

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