Thursday, September 19, 2013

Has Dez Bryant Forgotten His Promise to Michael Jordan?

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver is an incredible talent. That is something that no one can argue with (unless they are just trying to be a pain in the behind). However, off the field he has been somewhat of an embarrassment with a lot of his antics.

He appeared to get past them last season finally. Tack on an incredible season on the field and he became a pretty marketable pitch man—enough for Michael Jordan to bring him into the fold!

Belonging to the MJ family came with a caveat though. Jordan told Bryant he had to stay out of trouble. If he did than in Year Two he would start to get paid.

The deal sounded nuts, but if it is something Bryant can do—stay out of trouble, that is—there is no better person for an athlete to be aligned with than one of the best and most recognizable athletes on the planet.

But what exactly is Jordan’s idea of ‘trouble?’ If it just relates to legal issues than so far so good, but what if it refers to not doing anything stupid in general? Getting in ‘trouble’ with the general public and damaging the perception people have of him?

If that is the case the young wide receiver could be in a little trouble.

Wishing that someone had offered him $25,000 while he was at Oklahoma State was not the best of ideas, and likely causes a few people to tell him to shut up. Some tweets about the girlfriend of one of his teammates might not be something that Jordan wants to associate with.

He retweeted a picture of Draya, Orlando Scandricks girlfriend. Not just any picture though. It was of her…um….special lady parts (and not her breasts).

Plenty of people retweeted the picture and Bryant’s tweet. A number commented on it and on Bryant retweeting it. Had he said nothing or tweeted an apology for promoting something inappropriate it might not be a big deal.

Instead he tweets this:

“Bro its a damn retweet i didnt tweet shit calm downRT @BkBryant23: @DezBryant bro are you kidding me w that tweet?”

Legally Bryant has remained out of trouble, but comments and tweets like this can put him in ‘trouble’ in the court of public opinion. When it comes to product endorsements a poor public persona can do much more damage than any criminal record.

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