Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Indianapolis Colts Trade for Trent Richardson--And the AFC South Just Got a Lot More Interesting

The Indianapolis Colts used to be a kind of boring team off the field. They didn't do much in free agency or with trades and really looked to build through the draft--but not anymore. Under new general manager  Ryan Grigson the team has not been afraid to do what it takes to make the team better.

Like trade for last season's No. 3 overall pick, Trent Richardson, two games into the season.


It kind of took the NFL and football loving world by surprise when the trade was announced: the Colts get Trent Richardson and the Cleveland Browns get a first round draft pick.

Since he was a first round pick last season it sounds pretty fair, right? At Alabama he was definitely a beast; in Cleveland--not so much. However that could very well be due to the lack of play-makers around him. In Cleveland the offensive line was not very good, the quarterback play erratic, and the wide receivers better at catching colds than footballs.

So all defenses had to do was shut down the run to beat the Browns. Even with teams focusing on stopping him he gained 950 yards (and 11 touchdowns) on the ground and 367 more off of 51 receptions.

Is he better than that? The Colts are banking on it. Ahmad Bradshaw was brought in to team up with Vick Ballard to give the Colts a rushing attack that it has not seen  in years--if ever.

But than Ballard went down for the season.

Bradshaw could very well carry the load, but in today's NFL teams don't like to have just one guy carry the load. Factor in Bradshaw working his way back from an injury himself, and the need for another solid running back was pretty evident.

So the fact that they got one is not a shocker. The fact that they traded for last season's No. 3 draft pick--that was absolutely a shocker.

And the AFC South just got a lot more interesting...

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