Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jadeveon Clowney's First Sack of the 2013 College Football Season

Fans had to wait till the second game of the season, but it finally happened--South Carolina bad *ss Jadeveon Clowney sacked the quarterback.

Yeah, so it wasn't a bone crunching hit like the one he laid on that poor Michigan running back last season, but they can't all be like that.

The real question may be whether the team may need to shut him down for the a week; at least at practice if not for a game. In the second half he had some ankle/foot issues that limited him. According to the announcers he was stepped on in practice earlier in the week. 

Even at partial strength he is a beast, but if he continues to play on an injury it will only hurt him and the team in the long run. At 1-1 they are still  alive for the SEC title as well as the national title. They do have another SEC opponent next week, a tough Vanderbilt team, and UCF is not exactly soft the following week either.

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