Saturday, September 14, 2013

Johnny Manziel: This isn't the end of our season.[VIDEO]

Johnny Manziel ended the media lockout following the loss to Alabama Saturday and spent a few minutes taking questions from reporters. To make sure the Q and A session stayed on focus he requested that reporters not ask any questions related to the autograph mess.

If his polite request wasn't enough an A&M spokesperson made sure they understood by letting them know how quickly the session could end if someone were to try and slide one in.
From the video it appears that the reporters were professional (no ESPN guys there?) and stuck to the game and the outlook for the season going forward.

Manziel made some very good points chief among them the fact that Alabama recovered from the loss last season and still won the national title.

For the Aggies to do that they will need exactly what Alabama got last season--a little help. Someone is going to need to beat Ohio State, Oregon, Stanford, Clemson and/or Alabama (or a combination of) for them to get to the big game.

That is, assuming that the Aggies run the table the rest of the way. Good thing is--like Johnny said--the season is not over.

It's just begun.

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