Monday, September 16, 2013

Johnny Manziel Undraftable Because He Parties Too Much?

Johnny Manziel is a character--that much is easy to say. The youngster has one heck of a background; the kind of stuff that Hollywood wishes it could dream up. Of course he has just added to the family mystique with all his off-field antics, but there is one thing that he has made clear with two and a half games into the college football season.

He is one heck of a football player. But according to SI he is not draftable because he parties too much.

Peter King talked about Johnny Football in his Monday edition of his blog, the Monday Morning Quarterback. In it he said that many teams think that Manziel is not a player worth drafting because "they’re scared of his mood swings and off-field questions."


He eventuallly clarified this a little with a tweet:

Johnny parties too much.

Yes, he is claiming that teams do not want to draft one of the most exciting players in college football because he likes to go out and have a good time.

Forget that he is so talented that he won the Heisman trophy as a redshirt freshman.

Forget the insane numbers that he puts up in the air and on the ground.

Forget the fact that his team absolutely love him, and that he is as intense as they come in his preparation for the game.

They don't want him because he parties?

That has to be the dumbest thing ever printed/posted by a respected journalist that still works with a respected news source. If partying was an actual issue that teams were concerned with than a good chunk of the NFL's current stars would not be in the game.

Teams are about the bottom line--winning, and that is it. Yes, there has been some backlash towards criminals like Aaron Hernandez, but there are still plenty that say he will be back in the NFL someday!

If the league is not going to be too concerned with the folks that slaughter dogs, do time in federal prison, escape a murder charge by pleading to obstruction of justice, and countless others that are charged with actual crimes there is no way anyone is going to care that a player likes to sit court side at basketball games and hang out with celebrities.

As Ochocinoco would say--child please.

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