Friday, September 20, 2013

LA Dodgers Closer Brian Wilson Has Awesome Response for Senator McCain's Criticism

Thursday night the Los Angeles Dodgers did something that looked impossible 70+ games in to the season--they won the NL West division! As could be expected from such an accomplishment, the players were a little excited as they celebrated on the field in Arizona--by jumping into the pool at Chase Field.

Little did they know that it would draw a public condemnation by Senator John McCain, but that's okay. Brian Wilson has the perfect response for Senator McCain.

After the Dodgers jumped into the pool at Chase Field there were plenty of folks that were not too happy with them calling it a classless, immature, and juvenile move to pull on the opposition's field.

One of the best comments came from Diamondback's president Derrick Hall (according to the Arizona Republic):
"I could call it disrespectful and classless, but they don't have a beautiful pool at their old park and must have really wanted to see what one was like."

It was not surprising to see a member of the D-Backs organization commenting on the pool dive, but what was surprising was the fact that Senator John McCain felt the need to chime in:

What I find interesting is that the former presidential candidate has this tweet sandwiched between one about meeting the Kenyan ambassador, meeting Joe Schapp from E:60 (which he got ripped for), one involving Russian PM Vladimir Putin, and his thoughts on the President's nominations for U.S. District Court in Arizona.

Ummm...which one doesn't seem to fit in with what a Senator should be doing? I get that he's a sports fan too, and he's likely a fan of the D-Backs, but his comments were not becoming a U.S. Senator.

Trust Brian Wilson not to let the slight go unanswered. Along with the picture you see above, the Dodgers closer sent out this tweet:

Now that's a zing Senator!

The move was not a well-thought out one by the Dodgers, but there have been teams that have done worse. There are certainly things that a Senator should be spending his time on rather than publicly berating a baseball team.

Heck, it doesn't even look like there was anyone even there!

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