Thursday, September 12, 2013

Late Hit Sparks Brawl Towards End of Jets/Patriots Game

Thursday night was not a good night for football (not in the NFL at least; the Texas Tech/TCU game was pretty good). Geno Smith looked pretty bad and surprisingly so did Tom Brady. The game itself was pretty sloppy overall as was evident late in the game when the two sides broke out in a fight.

The whole thing started when Nick Mangold cut Aqib Talib as he danced down the sideline. Talib was clearly out of bounds, but what will likely add to the fine is the apparent dive Mangold made for his knees.

At least he will not be alone when the fines are handed out. Somewhere in the mess that ensued Willie Colon hit an official and D'Bricashaw Ferguson was seen throwing some punches.

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