Thursday, September 19, 2013

LeSean McCoy Puts a Scare in to Eagles Fans and Fantasy Owners Everywhere

A bad night has gotten a whole lot worse for the Philadelphia Eagles. At the half they were just down by 10; an easy deficit to erase in a Chip Kelly offense (if it ever gets going). However, if LeSean McCoy's injury appears to be something serious Vick could be without one of his best weapons.
If you take a closer look at the hit/tackle it doesn't appear as if his knee was twisted or his leg bent in some kind of crazy, unnatural direction giving hope to the team and fans that he might be alright after all.

The way he took his helmet off and slammed it down he sure looked like he was in some  serious pain.
He was able to walk off the field--always a good sign. Whatever they did/saw in the locker room must have put any injury concerns to rest since he was able to trot back out onto the field in the third quarter.

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