Sunday, September 29, 2013

Let the Matt Schaub Jersey Burning Begin!

It is a frustrating time to be a fan of the Houston Texans. The team was supposed to kick butt this year. It was supposed to lock down opposing offenses, run all over their defenses, and pretty much dominate them in every facet of the game.

Yeah--that hasn't happened.


There are multiple issues the team needs to address, but there is one that stands out well above the rest--Matt Schaub's interceptions. He's had at least one in each game this season; six total. While each one is a momentum killer, his have been especially costly. One has been returned for a touchdown in each of the last three games.
That's pretty unique. So unique that it has only been done three other times in NFL history (Peyton Manning, 2001; Ty Detmer, 1996; and John Elway, 1994).

Fans are not happy with Schaub and they are showing it by burning their Matt Schaub jerseys.

I get the frustration, but what I will never understand is how you can spend $100 on one of these things and just burn it. The season is only four games old. Schaub could get his act together.

Heck, the offense might do some tackling drills

Shoot--what if the team ditched Schaub (not going to happen) and then bought back Schaub jerseys? new England and Cleveland did it...

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