Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Los Angeles Lakers Apologize for 9/11 #NeverForget Tweet

Today marks a day in history that most Americans will not soon forget (and shouldn't). I am sure that many of you saw people with American flags draped over the overpass of a freeway today along with 'Never Forget' signs.

The idea is to honor and remember the people that died that day and have died since. I am sure that was what the Los Angeles Lakers intended with a tweet they sent out early in the day Wednesday, but it ended up causing a bit of a ruckus instead.


The problem people had was the picture. Folks wondered all kinds of things: was the message in reference to Kobe's haircut? Was it a joke about his hair style? Was because Kobe looks like he' trying to remember something?

Rather than risk too many people taking the tweet the wrong way the team took it down and issued an apology (as seen in USAToday):
“We apologize to anyone who took this differently than we intended and were therefore offended by it. We used a photo of how we commemorated 9/11 in the 2001-02 season, shortly after the tragedy occurred, because we wanted to show our support of what we felt at that time and continue to feel now. Out of respect for the intensely personal nature of how people remember this day, and that we recognize that not everyone understood the intent of our message, we pulled down our tweet and photo. Ultimately, our intent was to honor the spirit of remembering a day that we should all never forget.”
I can appreciate that the team was so concerned about offending people that it took the tweet down. Their hearts were in the right place; it was just a bad picture.

But we get the idea--never forget.

And we never will.

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  1. How ridiculous of some people. If you just look at Kobe's jersey you will see the American flag and a commemorative ribbon on his chest for our beloved lost citizens of 911. Those idiots who can't see the forest for the trees need to get a life. Some folks are just ignorant through and through.....mentally and also in their hearts. Thank you L.A. Lakers for remembering those loved ones who were lost!

    Joseph Blake of Syracuse, NY (Joe Laker)