Monday, September 16, 2013

LSU Frat Shows a Complete Lack of Class and Needs to be Punished

Trash talk is expected. Supporting one's team is expected. However, showing a complete and total disregard for decency and class is not--and that is exactly what one LSU fraternity did prior to Saturday's game against Kent State.

LSU was going to pound Kent State. There is not a person in the world that though otherwise; not even the most ardent of Kent State supporters. Some of them may have said they cold hang with the Tigers and thought they could have, but deep down they knew the score would end up just like it did.

A whole lot to not much at all.

So while the outcome was never in doubt it would be kind of pointless to waste time on any trash talk; that kind of stuff needs to be saved for competitive games. Instead one fraternity--Delta Kappa Epsilon--hung the banner you see in the picture.

Pretty classless, huh? Why make fun of one of the worst days in American history? Why make fun of a day where Americans killed Americans for exercising their rights?

My only guess is that whoever did it--and approved it--knew that it would be widely panned and criticized all over the internet and in media outlets. For some odd reason they like getting a rise out of people. There is no other explanation for it other than sheer stupidity.

This is not the first time that this house has hung a banner that was extremely offensive. Last season they hung one that referenced the theater shooting in Colorado: Like the Batman movie premiere, we’re starting off this season with a bang!

I certainly hope that the national office of Delta Kappa Epsilon has something to say to these kids. They are an embarrassment to the fraternity and the university.

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