Sunday, September 22, 2013

Maybe Geno Smith and the Jets Don't Suck...No, Wait...

New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith has a pretty thankless task ahead of himself--quarterbacking the New York Jets. In some respects he fits right in with the circus atmosphere in the Big Apple. How anyone can think they can just listen to Mark Sanchez about anything rather than study film of a guy like Darrelle Revis is a mystery

Come on man. Mark Sanchez?

via SBNation
Maybe there is hope for these guys though--and just maybe (and I mean maybe) Geno Smith is the answer/catalyst the team needs. The run you see above was a thing of beauty and just the kind of thing that the Jets need.

Tosses like this 51-yard touchdown to Stephen Hill are not half-bad either.
Than again--these are the Jets. Right when you think they might be getting it together they do something like this. I don't know this for certain, but I would not be shocked if Mark Sanchez was hiding somewhere with a Geno Smith voodoo doll or something.

It would have to be a voodoo doll collection for it to account for all the mistakes that the Jets made. Smith had two interceptions on the day and the team had 20 penalties.

But right when it looks like the day could belong to fellow rookie E.J. Manuel and the Bills Geno tosses this 69-yard bomb to Santonio Holmes to give the Jets the lead, 27-20.
What do you know, but they actually held on to win and are 2-1. Maybe these guys don't suck after all anymore...we'll see what happens next week against the Tennessee Titans.

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  1. The ghost of Browning Nagle is a better caption! Mark Sanchez still has more playoff wins than any Jets QB and 3 more than the "great" Matty Ice in Atlanta!!! Sanchez is also 6th in career passing for the Jets and has 2 of the top 5 passing seasons in Jets history, only Vinny Testaverde has had more passing yards in a season!! Just remember how many years it was between Jets playoff wins before Mark won his first (it was 5 by the way!) So layoff the Jets injuried starting QB, Mark Sanchez!