Sunday, September 15, 2013

Michael Vick Gets Rock-Bottomed--and Misses Just One Play!

One of the knocks on Michael Vick is his style of play. It tends to put him in a position where he is going tyo get hurt. So far this season his style appears to be a perfect fit with Chip Kelly's system--so bring it on Vick, right?

As much as the Philly fans want him to be safe, after seeing plays like this when he does stay in the pocket maybe he should just keep doing things his way!

While he wasn't able to pull out the win against San Diego his style of play wracked up 451 total yards of offense and three touchdowns. Not a bad follow-up to a 257 total yard, three TD performance last week on Monday night.

So yeah, it looks like the Vick way is the good way-- so far. His offensive line just needs to keep him from getting rock-bottomed again (did he smell what anyone was cooking? I don't know...)!

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