Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Mexico State Sinks to New Low to Get Fans in the Stands

Football fans can be notorious for jumping on and off the bandwagon as their team rises and falls. However, when the team in question has not risen in some time--like New Mexico State--it can be kind of hard to get fans to jump back on the wagon.

But the folks in Las Cruces may have figured out a way to get the students to stay--bribery.


When a team has lost 15 consecutive games and been outscored 201-62 there isn't much reason for fans to go. You can call it school pride and all that, but when the team is that bad how can you have pride in it? The school doesn't try hard to improve it so it must not, right?

Well, the school has figured out how to get fans in the stands and keep them there--offer the two things that college kids love most.

Money and parking.

During the fourth quarter the lucky students in attendance will have a chance to win $2000, $250, and a black parking pass allowing them to park anywhere on campus.

To put the need for fans in perspective their stadium seats just over 30,000. So far this season the team has averaged less than 9000.

Which leads me to ask this--are they making enough at the game to cover that?


  1. N.M. State is in Las Cruces, not Albuquerque! BIG difference....