Sunday, September 1, 2013

No One Celebrates the End of Summer Quite Like the Houston Texans Cheerleaders

There are some things that guys will always love. We are going to love our football. We are going to love high-fiving a stranger when our team makes a big play a minute after we cursed them for doing something stupid. We are going to love enjoying a cold beer, eating a brat, and lounging around in our 'comfortable' pants all day Sunday.

Why? Because its game day. It's allowed.

We will also love cheerleaders. Not just any cheerleaders, but the ones that remind us that every Friday is a Freaky Friday (no Lohans needed); the ones that know how to entertain, get down, and shake their groove thing (like it should be shaken).

The ones that know how to celebrate the end of summer--wet, a little wild, and in bikinis.

Long live summer and long live the Babes on Parade!

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