Thursday, September 19, 2013

North Carolina State Fan Tries to Add Some Energy to the Truffle Shuffle

Oh the life of a college student. Where people put no expectations on you. You are allowed to sleep all day and go to class wearing your pajamas if you so chose. Cleaning your room is a personal choice (except when Mom and Dad visit, and when it comes time for a football game it is your duty to do whatever it takes to show your spirit and get noticed on national television.

Like this young North Carolina State fan doing his version of the truffle shuffle, but with a little more energy than Chunk ever put into it.

Apparently when you shake it like this guy must have your letter could fall off--like his did.  With the game winding down and is team going to lose he wasn't feeling up to dancing anymore.

He does, however, appear to be a little curious about his body...

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