Monday, September 2, 2013

Oakland Raiders Name Terrelle Pryor Starting QB Over Matt Flynn for Week One

In a way you could say that Matt Flynn can't catch a break, but you could also say that he has caught a tremendous break and his moment has come to pass. It has been reported that the Oakland Raiders have decided to go with former Ohio State star Terrelle Pryor as the starting quarterback over Flynn.

Yes, Flynn has been passed over yet again.

Early Monday the word was that Raiders Head Coach Dennis Allen was going to hold off on naming a starting quarterback in hopes of gaining some sort of competitive advantage over the Colts (copying all the college coaches that waited as long as possible, eh?).

But apparently he told Flynn and Pryor what the plan was. So either someone was happy and talked or someone was angry and talked.

Either way--Pryor is starting.

The move is not too surprising. The NFL is trending towards mobile quarterbacks that are a threat to run as well as pass. Pretty much Terrelle Pryor in a nut shell.

For Flynn you have to wonder what's next. The former LSU QB has managed to parlay one start in Green Bay where he threw for 480 yards and six touchdowns into a nice contract--with a $10 million guarantee--in Seattle.

That was before the world found out that Russell Wilson was a beast.

He didn't necessarily play poor in Oakland, but there wasn't much reason to believe that he was going to be able to turn the team around once the season started. A sore elbow caused him to miss the last preseason game (didn't that happen in Seattle too?). Even though Pryor didn't exactly light things up the team must have seen enough.

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