Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders Are Vital to the Popularity of the Football Team [VIDEO]

Yes, I wrote the title without chuckling--I'm dead serious. I do believe that the lovely ladies of the Oregon Ducks cheerleading squad are a key component to the popularity of the football team.

Why? Because the team plays so many soft opponents (Nichols and Virginia are not even close to being in the same class as the Ducks) that the games are blown out early and kind of boring to watch. Yeah, big plays are cool, but when it looks like an NFL team is playing a peewee club? Not so much.


Enter the cheerleaders. After watching the football team beat up on whoever en route to a huge halftime lead I'd have no trouble watching these gals do whatever they do.

They do appear to know how to have fun.

And lets just be blunt here--damn these women are fine.

They were even nice enough to create a behind the scenes video of their poster shoot. Awesome.

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