Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ravens Linebacker Terrell Suggs Calls Himself 'Hacksaw' But There Can Be Only One Hacksaw

What's in a name, right? In some cases a name can mean a lot. Depending on your vocation it can actually help. For example, if you were a boy named Sue playing linebacker in the NFL folks may have trouble seeing you as a tough guy. However, if you had a name like 'Hacksaw' well, people would fear you for sure--because hacksaws are dangerous you know.

I can only guess, but I bet that is why Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs introduced himself during Thursday night's season opener he said his name was Hacksaw.

With the way he says it you just know he has to be a tough guy!

There is one problem that Suggs didn't think about. The name Hacksaw already belongs to a legendary tough guy, and I don't know if Suggs can measure up to this guy.

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