Sunday, September 15, 2013

San Diego's Malcolm Floyd Doing Okay; Made Team Charter Back to San Diego

During the early games Sunday San Diego wide receiver Malcolm Floyd took one crazy, hard hit from a pair of Philadelphia defenders. He ended up having to be immobilized before being taken off a field on a stretcher due to concerns for his neck.

After a hit like that it would not have been surprising to hear the worst, but if what we are hearing is true the Chargers and Floyd may have dodged a bullet.

Ed Werder of ESPN has received word from a source that the CT scan taken at the hospital came out fine and that Floyd made the team charter back to San Diego.

Assuming that what he is hearing is true that is great news.  The hit sure looked pretty bad on the field. I think anyone that has every played football before probably grabbed their neck in sympathy--I know I did!

If he is headed home already than he must be okay. I am sure that the team will hold him out of contact for awhile, but when you think about what could have been I think Floyd, the team, and the fans will not complain.

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