Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shame On You Brian Urlacher!

I totally understand why ESPN and now FOX Sports 1 want to have athletes on as studio analysts. People still remember these players from their playing days and will want to tune in to see their favorite former superstars talk about the game since they can't see them play it anymore.

They need to stop it. Too many of these guys just aren't any good at it.

When I heard that former Chicago Bear linebacker Brian Urlacher was going to be a part of the new FOX channel I thought it was a good idea. Urlacher has always seemed to be an articulate player and I could see him as a analyst.

But that was before he pulled a Tiki Barber and sold his team out.


If you didn't feel like hitting play, the topic of discussion was the possibility of players faking injuries in order to slow fast-paced offenses down. It's become an issue after the first college football weekend so the guys were talking about it.

In the process Urlacher admits that the Bears used to have a designated dive guy; someone that would fake an injury so the team could take a break and regroup.

Shame on you Mr. Urlacher.

Faking injuries is not against the rules on the college level or in the NFL, but it is something that takes away from the integrity of the game--hence it being discussed here. I get that Urlacher has a job to do here, but he didn't need to throw his team under the bus and admit to using the tactic.

Now I also understand that analysts are supposed to be impartial, and part of the appeal of having certain guys is having them talk about the good ole days a little. But why talk about something that puts your team in a negative light?

That doesn't make sense to me. If you have nothing else to talk about than maybe you shouldn't be a studio analyst.

I would have thought Urlacher had more class than that.

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