Friday, September 20, 2013

Steelers Troy Polamalu to Cut His Hair? Really? (Yes!)

There are some things that have been a given in the NFL in recent years like refs making bad calls, the league fining guys for everything under the sun, owners making more and more money-- and Troy Polamalu's mane staying magnificent.

The safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers is known for his mane almost as much as his hard hits and knack for making the big play. So then why on Earth is he going to cut? Doesn't he know what happened to Samson after his hair was cut?


It is true--Troy Polamalu will be getting a haircut; his first in a decade. However, it is not without good reason (and saving money on shampoo is not it).

Troy has worked with the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ on their “United for Veterans” campaign, an effort to try and help members of the Armed Forces when they return from combat. The brave men and women accept the fact that they are doing something that most would not, that they barely get paid to, and sacrifice much--sometimes their lives-- in order to do.

And many of them need our help when they return. So to bring attention to the efforts of the VFW to give veterans the help they need Troy has agreed to get what is being called a 'ceremonial' hair cut on Veteran's Day, November 11, to raise money and increase awareness.

Just how much is going to get cut remains to be seen. There have been rumors that it could be as much as 10 inches, but with the hair cut being described as 'ceremonial' you almost have to wonder if it is going to be a whole lot less.

Whatever it is doesn't matter of course. What does is the cause and his willingness to help. Although I bet fans would donate a boatload of money Troy if you said you'd get a buzz cut....

If you want to hear more or get involved yourself check out this link.

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