Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tennessee Titans Start the Season With the Bone Head Play of the Day

Poor Darius Reynaud. The Tennessee Titans kick returner thought he was being a responsible returner by taking a knee and what he though was the touchback on the opening kick of the game, but instead that knee gave the Pittsburgh Steelers their first two points of the season!

You have to appreciate wanting to give his team decent field position by taking a knee; I'm assuming that the Steelers cover team was barreling down otherwise Reynaud would have returned it.

The crappy part is that he had to get over the play (which will undoubtedly end up on Sportcenter's Not Top 10) and move on--which is exactly what he and the Titans did. With a quarter left to play the safety is the only score the Steelers have made and trail Tennessee 10-2.

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