Friday, September 13, 2013

Texas Longhorn Head Coach Mack Brown Losing His Biggest Supporter?

The season is only two weeks old and it has already been a long one for Texas Longhorns Head Coach Mack Brown. After promising that the once proud team was back prior to the start of the season the team appears primed to slide into obscurity instead.

Should that happen the masses will definitely call for his dismissal, and now that his biggest supporter is leaving they will probably get it.


Thursday afternoon word began to spread online that University of Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds is going to step down at the end of the year.

Unless the Longhorns run the table this could very well mean the end of Mack Brown's time with the team. There has been a growing number of Texas supporters that have been calling for the team to move on for some time. After a so-so win over a poor New Mexico team to start the season and the debacle against BYU Brown's back is definitely against the wall.

In spite of all the calls for Brown's job Dodds has stayed behind the head coach, but if he were to step down that protection would disappear. Even if the Longhorns were to have a winning season it would not be surprising to see Brown and his staff let go anyway.

Sometimes you need to just clean house and start over. If any college could land a top notch coach to follow up Brown it would be one flush with cash like the Longhorns.

All the speculation could be all for nothing.

Oh the drama! It appears that we may not know for sure till the end of the year, but if Texas were to struggle again this weekend I would not be surprised if the rumors were to intensify in the weeks to come. Not that Dodds or Brown will step down though, but that the duo is going to be fired.


  1. The amazing part that I don't understand is when a Gator or Bama have a new class they still have an outstanding year but UT uses a rebuilding year as an excuse and now when the team is full of seniors they still don't know how to play. At best Ash is like Romo in the sense when the team needs a leader in a tight game we can count on him to throw an incomplete pass or throw it to the other team. There is a time to keep and a time to toss and that time is now.

    1. I'm hoping that Mack goes ahead and gives Tyrone Swopes a try. Could be the dynamic kind of player the Horns need to shake things up and spark the offense.

  2. Swoopes needs an opportunity...Powers that be will never know if he's a player/leader unless he gets snaps...Don't see how they can afford to redshirt him given the inability of defense to stop anyone...Only chance to save some face this season is an all out attempt to outscore opponents.