Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Texas A&M Student Promises to Streak Alabama Game on Twitter

Apparently it doesn't take much to become a quasi-celebrity of sorts. You just need to do something stupid and post it online or worse--promise to do something stupid at, oh say one of the biggest events in recent history for your college.

That seems to work; or at least that's the assumption that a certain student at Texas A&M is working under.

On Saturday the No. 6 Texas A&M Aggies take on the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide in a much anticipated rematch. The Aggies were the only team to defeat Alabama last year, but the Tide were able to recover and still win the national championship.

While the title is all that matters there is something about losing to A&M that has stuck with Alabama. For the Aggies it served as a sign of what the team is capable of--and that was before Johnny Manziel had really broken out.

A year later Johnny Manziel is the reigning Heisman trophy winner and the bane of tabloid journalist everywhere. Alabama is expected to win a third national title--if it can get past Texas A&M.

So yes, this game is a pretty big deal-- and this yahoo wants to act like a fool on national television.

He of course got 10,000 retweets in no time at all. What makes this kid's promise even funnier is the reaction that he has gotten in the last 24 hours since he posted his promise. We're talking marriage proposals, free sunglasses, etc!

Some folks actually seemed to be proud of him!

An Alabama fan even  got in on the fun.

If all the attention wasn't enough to make this hilarious, the kid knows what he is planning/promising to do is pretty stupid.

Should he do it there is a good chance that he will get kicked out of school or suspended. Texas A&M does have a pretty strict honor/conduct code (don't laugh; there was no actual evidence on Manziel). Under it something like this will definitely warrant serious action.

Since he was bright enough to brag about it the police will not even need to catch him. He has shown intent and there will be film of the deed if/when he does it. They just need to camp out wherever he calls home.

I certainly hope he chickens out. According to his roommate he has already been warned by a criminal lawyer of the charges he'll face. From his Twitter feed it appears that he has even been in contact with the university  president, R. Bowen Loftin.

We shall see.

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