Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tim Tebow Headed to Russia?

It's been a short, tough career for free agent quarterback Tim Tebow. Even though he won in Denver they ditched him. The New York Jets were quick to snatch him up--and not use him at all succeeding in only adding to the circus atmosphere in the Big Apple. New England gave him a try, but he really just didn't play well.

So what does that leave for Tim? Russia?

Mikhail Zaltsman, the owner of the Moscow Black Storm wants to bring in Tebow for the semifinal game against the Moscow Patriots, and then the championship (assuming Tebow leads them to victory over the Patriots (ironic, huh?).

According to Zaltsman, he has spoken with Tebow; he says Tebow is interested (hard to believe as emphatic as Tebow has been about being an NFL QB). Zaltsman also contends that the roadblock to bringing Tebow behind the Curtain is his agent who is looking at motivational speaking opportunities right now.

Tebow has been seen working out in California lately, but there has been no word on whether there is any interest among NFL teams for his services. The Jacksonville fan base wants their home grown hero, but the Jags front office has previously stated a lack of interest in bringing Tebow to town.

The Arena League has made it well known it would be willing to take him-- especially the new KISS team in Los Angeles. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have been aggressively trying to recruit Tebow (who has yet to show any interest).

There has been a rumor or two floating around that Tebow might actually be willing to change positions in order to have another shot in the NFL; something many analysts have been calling for him to do the last couple years (but it is just a rumor; Tebow has only said he wants to play QB).

The NFL just hasn't been calling. I get that he doesn't want to take a step down to something like the Arena League, but what he needs to do is show that he can play. To do that he needs to, well--play.

A team in Russia is willing to pay him a cool million dollars to allow him to do just that.

Heck, of he doesn't want to show he can play--and against pretty poor competition--at the least, he could play and donate the money to his charity. I'm sure it could do a whole lot of good with a million bucks.

[H/T to BlackSportsOnline]

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