Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tony Dungy: Washington Should Play Kirk Cousins Over Robert Griffin III

There were high hopes for the Redskins this season, but after starting the year with a pair of losses Washington is definitely behind the eight-ball right now. According to former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy the answer is not in the status quo.

The Redskins need to start Kirk Cousins at quarterback over Robert Griffin III.

While on the Dan Patrick Show Dungy talked about the situation in Washington. He concedes that the desire is to have your best guys on the field. Griffin is without a doubt one of the most dynamic players in the NFL, but since he is style working his way back from his knee injury he is not able to play like the guy fans know.
“I probably need one more game to determine that,…Obviously he’s gonna get better – as you said, no training camp, no preseason games. So this is like Game 3 of the preseason for him, and so he could get better. But what I’ve seen off the last two games, yes, Kirk Cousins I think running that offense the way it is now would give them a better chance.”
Wow. Heavy words coming from a coach with Dungy's background.

Griffin has not tried to run as much; something that was a pretty key part of the Redskins offense last season. Losing him as a running threat takes away from the offense and makes the job of the defense much easier--and we have seen that in the first half of both games.

However, that does not account for his play in second half where he nearly led the team back against Philadelphia and gave the Packers much more of a fight.

Dungy mentioned what the problem is. Since Griffin was held out of the preseason he is being forced to work his way into playing shape during the regular season, hence the dramatic improvement in the second half after he gets warmed up.

Cousins is more of the pocket passer than Griffin, but at this point the worst thing the Redskins could do is bench him. He needs time to work his way into playing shape.

Yeah, it might make for a rough start to the season, but what matters is how the team ends it.

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