Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Virgina Tech Hokies to Actually Wear Ugliest Helmets in Creation

Who thought these things for a good idea? Better question--what is in the water at Virginia Tech that has enough people thinking these things look good to want to wear them on national television (Thursday night's game against Georgia Tech on ESPN)?

These are easily the ugliest helmets ever created.


What is almost crazier than the fact that someone made these things and someone else agreed to wear them in front of people is that Head Coach Frank Beamer is defending them (via ESPN):

"It's not flashy, but it means a tremendous amount to this university," coach Frank Beamer said in a statement. "… The reason I like it, is because it represents what this program and this university are built on. Each piece, in its place, serving its purpose, doing its job, and when it's all working together, it's rock solid and it's something special."


I get the symbolism and can dig that, but there are better ways to do that than to wear a helmet that looks like it was designed by someone working at Home Depot.

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