Sunday, September 29, 2013

Want to See More of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders? Now You Can...

There is just something about cheerleaders that makes us want to see more of them. Is it the dance moves? Their infectious energy? Their winning smiles? Or is it simply because they are hot?

Fans already get to see plenty of the Houston Texans cheerleaders with things like Freestyle Friday, but what if you could see even more of them? Now you can....

The ladies are still doing their Freestyle Friday videos (see below for the latest), but have now made themselves even more accessible to fans thanks to social media. They already have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

And now they have a Instagram account.

So yes, there is now going to be a page dedicated to posting pictures of the hottest cheerleading squad in the NFL.

Go ahead and click on the link so you can follow them, but then come back so you can check out the latest Freestyle Friday video....and some of their best pics from Instagram!

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