Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week One of the NFL in GIFs

Week One of the 2013 NFL regular season is in the books, and man--what a week! You name it, we had it! I'm talking about Peyton Manning setting records, safety after safety, Michael Vick is back, RG3 is almost back, fights, ejections, big plays, game delays, and yes--Ryan Seacrest.

So what better way to commemorate the first week of gridiron action than to review the week's action in gifs?

It looked like the Chargers were going to emerge from the doldrums Monday night and give fans a reason to buy some tickets. This guy was certainly excited when his team took a 28-7 lead on the Texans.

But than reality set it. Right Phillip?

When Arian Foster is making grabs like this it is kind of hard to compete (and that wasn't even a big gainer!)

What was more surprising than the Chargers being competitive though was RG3 and the 'Skins not being competitive in the first half of the other Monday night game.

They made it interesting in the first half, but the night belonged to Desean Jackson and the Eagles. Go on with your bad self DJ.

This 360 degree thing on Sunday Night Football--too cool.

Jason Witten throwing up on the sideline--not so much.

On Sunday fans watching the KC/Jacksonville game got to see a little bit more of one of the Chiefs defensive lineman than they wanted to. Jags were probably just trying to make sure there was some kind of show (the game sucked).

How many times do you think he's heard that Men Without Hats song?

The Panthers did show some surprising fight against Seattle--literal and metaphorical.

Poor Jacoby. Knocked for 4-6 weeks by his own teammate.

At least that dude with the hair is still a beast for the Steelers.

Ndamukong Suh talked to his team about cutting out stupid penalties. Probably because he knew he'd commit enough of them.

The first of seven for Peyton Manning Thursday night. Neck injury? What neck injury?

AP--still freaking fast as hell.

That Reggie Bush guy still has some game.

Maybe Terrelle Pryor was crying after the game because he was afraid he hurt this guy?

I think they are talking about the discount double check; that hair care products and tattoos.

This is why teams need to cut out this pansy cut blocking practice. Man up and beat some guys, but if you can't don't cut your teammates.

I think the Jags mascot is saying thanks for the 2 points.

Anyone else eager to see what happens next week?

[Gifs gathered from @SBNationGIF and GifdSports.com]

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