Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Kind of Pizza Was Nate Burleson Trying to Save?

For the immediate future Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson is an honorary fat guy. Most folks--excuse me--most skinny folks would not be concerned enough about a pizza sliding off the car seat that they total  their car trying to save it.

But Nate Burleson did. On behalf of pizza loving fat guys everywhere--I salute you. I do have one question though...

What kind of pizza was it?

Lets be real here. All pizzas are not made equal. Some types are better than others and some establishments are much better than others.

Are we talking about a Papa John's or Domino's pizza here? Or was it from somewhere good? Was it just a cheese one? Or was it something unique (and awesome) like a white cheese pizza with spinach and mushrooms (ummm!!!).

Heck, if its the kitchen does it right a classic like pepperoni can be incredible (not that it could ever be bad of course).

Why is this important?

The man wrecked his car trying to save this pizza.

Was it worth it? The man is making $2 million this season (according to the Lions roster on Yahoo! Sports) so he can handle paying his deductible.

But that means this pizza is now a $500+plus pizza.

Let's be real here. That is still one expensive freaking pizza, but if it is a damn good pizza at least Nate can sit back, eat that pizza (I'm sure he already has by now), and think, "Man, this is one expensive pizza--but its a damn good pizza!"

Should it just be a Papa John's pie--man, that would suck.

So what do you say Nate? What kind of pizza was it?

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