Monday, September 16, 2013

Why Has Bo Pelini Received More Slack Than Frank Solich?

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have a mess on their hands. The players are fine; yes, even after the debacle against UCLA. No, its the head coach, Bo Pelini. He's come under fire for not only the meltdown, but for his 'fiery' behavior and personality.

I get that the university is discussing what to do about him, if anything, but I have one question that I was hoping a member of the Cornhusker Nation could answer.

Why is he still there? Looking back at the history of the football I am surprised that he has beena round long enough for his comments from 2011 to come out.

I've got no problem with what he said about Tommie Frazier. I know the guy is a Nebraska legend, but that doesn't give him the right to rip the coach and team as bad as he did in a public forum. A guy like him should be trying to protect the program, not encourage controversy and discord.

But I digress...

Being a fan of Big 12 football I've watched the Cornhuskers for years. Back in 2003 Frank Solich was fired after a 10-3 season and a top 20 finish in both polls. Had he been fired the year before when the team had slipped to 7-7 it would have been understandable--but they had 10 wins and a top 20 finish! Most schools would kill for that!

I get that Nebraska is not "most schools." I get that more is expected and that was why Solich was let go. For most of his tenure the team was better:

  • five out of six seasons finishing in the top 20
  • three in the top ten
  • four seasons with 10+ wins

So with that in mind--why is Pelini still employed? He hasn't won as much as Solich. His teams have not finished ranked as high as Solich's were. He has not done nearly as much with the team as Solich, yet Solich was canned for not doing enough.

Tack on Pelini's anger issues and it seems like the door should have been opened a long time ago and the ole ball coach shoved out.

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