Monday, October 14, 2013

A Moral Victory for the Buffalo Bills in Loss?

Whenever a team talks about notching a moral victory there is one thing you know beyond the shadow of a doubt happened--they lost. If they won they talk about winning. Calling something a moral victory is like telling your buddy, "No, you hit on the hot one; I'll he happy to jump on the grenade," and meaning it.

However, sometimes that 'grenade' ends up being a great girl.
Buffalo started the game with its back against the wall. Losing your quarterback can be devastating; just as the Bears how that feels (I'm sure they remember what happened after losing Jay Cutler a couple seasons ago). When the Bills were forced to pull a guy up from the scout team last week to start at QB against the Bengals you know the Cincy defense was licking its chops.

But instead of feasting on newly promoted Thad Lewis the Bengals were pushed to their limits and forced into overtime. Lewis had a pretty good all around game throwing for 216 yards and two TDs as well as rushing for 17 and adding another TD on the ground.

With the QB position the Bills were in it would not have been surprising to see Buffalo flop, but instead they played a good game and lost to a good team.

Yes, losing still sucks. That being said it could have been worse and maybe it will not be so bad going forward.

A moral victory.

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