Sunday, October 6, 2013

And the Best One-Handed Catch of the Day Goes To...

Every Saturday you can count on a number of guys making awesome plays throughout the day. From big sacks, long runs, to tremendous catches-there is never a short supply of them. During college football's latest slate of action there was one type of play that seemed to stand out---hand above the rest.

I'm talking about the one-handed catch. 

Each one was fantastic in its own right, but only one can be the best. Which one would be your pick? Would it be the grab by Georgia's Chris Conley?

Or what about this one by San Diego State's Ezell Ruffin?

How about Kenny Bell's for Nebraska?
But there is also DeAndrew White's grab for Alabama!

I'll admit-I'm having a little trouble picking just one, but if I had to I would say Chris Conley's. What do you think Sports Fans? Which one would you call the One-Handed Catch of the Day?

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