Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Arkansas Recruits a Little Star Struck With Texas A&M

When it comes to recruiting big games can be a great time to host players. There is nothing like the glitz and glamour of a big game to impress recruits—especially if you win. Arkansas knows this. That’s why they had about 60 high school players at the game against Texas A&M last week.

What they didn't expect was that their recruits would be star struck by the Aggies!

According to defensive lineman Alonzo Williams some of the Arkansas recruits were looking for souvenirs from the Aggies:

The Aggies are a pretty high profile team so I guess in that respect it is understandable, but these kids are in Fayetteville to be recruited by the Razorbacks--not check out Texas A&M. I would think that if the Razorbacks were doing a sufficient job hosting these kids they would not even think of talking to anyone from the 'other' team.

But apparently some did. To be fair, maybe the kids were just looking to take home some extra swag. Right now I imagine something from one of the Aggies would be considered pretty cool.

Or maybe Arkansas was not as appealing to them anymore. They just watched the team recruiting them lose. Who wants to play for a loser when you have one of the most exciting teams in football on the other side of the field?

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