Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bob Stoops Has SEC Envy Once Again

Bloggers tends to say (type) whatever they want in the hopes that people will want to see what they have to say. Sometimes they have to say outlandish things in order to attract an audience. FBS Head Coaches don't have that problem so you would think they might filter what they say just a little bit.

That is certainly not the case with Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach Bob Stoops.


Stoops had plenty to say about the SEC over the off-season and was at it again in a recent interview. This time he decided to take a few shots at the defenses in the conference:

“How’s that happening playing all those SEC defenses?” Stoops asked the reporters. “I still don’t know how A&M was third in the country in total offense and scoring offense playing all those SEC defenses. I have no idea how that happened."

He went to recognize that Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel might have had something to do with it (forgetting about Ben Malena, Mike Evans, and a beast of an offensive line in the process), but was clearly taking a shot at the conference as a whole.

To be fair, the SEC defenses have not been playing stellar ball. Texas A&M's struggles are pretty well known. The Aggies through up a ton of points on Alabama. Last weekend say Georgia and LSU put up over 40 points on each other.

However, what he fails to realize is that the points were put up by SEC offenses--some of the best in the nation.

He no doubt feels like he can say something since his defense is ranked No. 17 in the nation; higher than any SEC team. In four games his team has one shutout and only allowed 48 points. That gives him bragging rights.


Not so fast. Of the four teams his Sooners have played the best offense they have seen was Notre Dame's (No. 88). His group has yet to actually play anyone yet so it should look pretty good on paper.

Stoops needs to also remember what happened the last time his team faced an SEC defense too. Texas A&M had little trouble handling his veteran offense last season in the Cotton Bowl.

It's alright Coach. We know you want to be the best, but to do that you have to beat them-- not just talk trash about them.


  1. Lets do a reschedule for Oklahoma and Coach Stoops. Pencil in Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Texas A&M on their schedule next year and that will end this debate.