Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brian Cushing Not Happy with Fans Cheering After Matt Schaub Gets Hurt

The hope was that the Houston Texans--more importantly Matt Schaub--would be able to get it together against the St. Louis Rams Sunday. You know--start to look like the bad *ss Super Bowl caliber team that they were supposed to be.

Well--that didn't happen. 

While the loss (38-13) was upsetting to fans (see above) what was more upsetting to some of the Texans was the behavior that many fans exhibited when Schaub was injured.

They cheered. Yes, the crowd cheered when their quarterback was knocked out of the game.

Frustrating as it may be to them to see their team struggling so much with Schaub at the helm your talking about expressing happiness that a person was hurt. After the game linebacker Brian Cushing called it like he saw.

He said those fans were being barbaric.

I have to say that he is right. Football players may call themselves 'gridiron gladiators' sometimes to invoke an intense image of the players as warriors doing whatever it takes to win. Back in gladiator times the fans could dictate whether the loser lived or died (according to Hollywood, that is).

But these are not gladiator times. We are supposed to hold the physical well-being of other people in higher regard than that. Yes, even total strangers that make millions playing a game to entertain us.

Get a grip people--and some class.

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