Sunday, October 13, 2013

Carolina Pathers Destroy the Vikings on the Field and the Scoreboard

The 2013 season has not gone the way the Minnesota Vikings thought it would after making such a strong finish at the end of last season. Christian Ponder and Matt Cassell have not played well and Adrian Peterson has discovered it is not as easy to notch 100-yard games as he has claimed.

With the Carolina Panthers coming to town Sunday it appeared as if the team was going to have a chance to right the ship, but yeah--that didn't happen.

Carolina put 14 on the board before the Vikings managed to kick a field goal--and then threw up another 21 before Minnesota got a pity touchdown late in the game to make the final 35-10.

What makes the loss hurt even more for the Viking is not the fact that the offense is in trouble and the defense is not getting the job done. No, its the fact that the Panthers literally smacked the Vikings around the field at will--like in the GIF above where Ted Ginn Jr destroys someone.

And this play--well, this play is just indicative of how the game went.

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