Saturday, October 5, 2013

Charlie Weis is Officially No Longer an Offensive Mastermind

It really wasn't that long ago that Kansas Head Coach Charlie Weis was considered an offensive mastermind; the kind of guy that can take a bad offense and make it good and make a good one great. Heck, he's  got the Super Bowl rings to prove it--but that was also a decade ago with the best team in the NFL.

Now he is the head coach of team that people watch until the college basketball season starts and he's making bone-headed calls like this:

Come on Charlie! 4th and 13 with the ball inside your own 20?

I know what you were thinking. There is no way in heck  that anyone is going to think you are crazy enough to make this call so you'll be able to pull it off and get your name mentioned on Sportscenter for something positive.

Instead we think you're stupid, and that you have lost whatever offensive mojo you had.

Don't worry! I bet you'll still make Sportscenter though--as part of the Not Top 10 of the Day.

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