Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Deja Vu for New York Jets Fans?

I am quick to bash the Jets whenever the opportunity arises. What can I say--they make it easy sometimes. At  the same time I will  give credit where credit is due. On Monday night Geno Smith played a very good game.

But is he a star?

Absolutely not.

Come folks. Let's be real here. The man has been playing professional football for five games. In those five games he has won three and lost two, thrown more interceptions than touchdowns (8 to 7), has been sacked 18 times, fumbled three times, has completed 60 percent of his passes, and has a QB rating of 80.3.

Oh--and he has his own butt-fumble play.

Smith played a great game Monday, but he is a rookie with a lot to learn. The other four games are proof of that. So is he a star? Far from it. Is he a bum? Far from that too, but he does give Jets fans hope.

And it has been awhile since they have had any of that.

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