Sunday, October 13, 2013

Detroit Lions Tight End Joseph Fauria Just Want to Dance (and score)!

Few people outside of Detroit were aware of who Lions tight end Joseph Fauria was prior to Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns. The undrafted rookie out of UCLA had only four catches for 32 yards and a pair of touchdowns--obviously not someone anyone is going to be paying attention to.

So how better to get that attention than by breaking out some old school dance moves when he scores?
The above celebration came after his first TD against Cleveland. Yes, he did that in public with thousands in attendance watching and knowing full well that millions more would see it online and on Sportcenter.

So maybe that's why he changed it up and took a page out of the celebration book of the best tight end to ever play the game (you know who you are Tony Gonzalez).
But does he want to pay homage to Tony G or do his own thang (yes, I said thang)?

He answered that question on his third touchdown of the day--with the cabbage patch:

In case you missed it, earlier this season he busted out some N'Sync moves after scoring.

So he doesn't have crap for yards, but he scores a lot. Heck if dance moves were worth fantasy points he might be worth picking up.

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