Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Detroit Tigers Fan Interfere With Home Run Ball?

John Bendzinski was a little nervous during Tuesday night's elimination game for his Tigers. He wasn't nervous because he was afraid his team was going to lose and get eliminated. No, the season ticket holder was nervous because he was in danger of being grouped in with one of the most notorious fans in all of baseball.

Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman.

Josh Reddick and Coco Crisp immediately cried foul claiming that Reddick was interfered with when he tried to make the catch. With a game-changing play like that the umpires were definitely going to review it. 

While they were you know that the 'catcher' was spying the quickest  way to get out. If he costs the Tigers a home run during an elimination game the fans would let him here it. As prevalent as violence is at ballparks these days who knows what else!

Lucky for him the reviews showed  that he did not interfere with anything--and the Tigers won.

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