Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fan Commits Beer Abuse at Indians/Rays Game; Tosses Beer at David DeJesus

What is it with people throwing their beers at players these days. On Sunday we saw one beverage tossed at the Bears/Lions game. During the National League Wild Card game Wednesday night someone thought it was necessary to toss their drink at Rays outfielder David DeJesus.

As the guys from that football show would say--Come on man!

Really folks--what the heck? I get being upset that your team is not winning. I'm an Astros fan! We know a thing or two about losing! Can you remember the last time you saw a beer tossed at a game in Houston? I think not!

Than again, as bad as the Astros are we need our beer to numb the pain.

Anyway...shame on you Indians fan! No need for beer abuse!

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