Saturday, October 5, 2013

Florida State's Jameis Winston Has the Dreaded Manziel Disease

Before the college football season started the newly named Florida State starting quarterback, Jameis Winston, perked a few ears up when he made a crack at Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel by saying that he would not catch the 'Manziel Disease.'

Look out Famous Jameis because you have it.
Winston was refferring to Johnny Football's trouble thanks to his off-field antics, but the version he did catch was the one he wanted-- the on-field variety.

Search for 'Jameis Winston Johnny Manziel' on Twitter and you will see a lot of comments describing Winston and his play as being just like Manziel:

  • FSU's Winston Channels Manziel
  • Jameis' Best Manziel Impression
  • Jameis Winston's crazy Manziel-esque touchdown vs. Maryland
  • Is Jameis Winston the next Johnny Manziel???? 
  • F#ck with Jameis Winston U Know He Got IT. QB makes Johnny Manziel like play
  • Jameis Winston is the black version of Johnny Manziel
  • Jameis Winston with the Johnny Manziel impersonation 
  • Jameis Winston is like Johnny Manziel on steroids
  • That play by Jameis Winston had Johnny Manziel written all over it
  • Jameis Winston just went Johnny manziel on Maryland
  • Jameis Winston is the Johnny Manziel of this year!

Over the span of his five game career the FSU redshirt freshman (hey---wasn't Johnny one of those too?) has become known for making incredible plays with his arm and his legs (much like Johnny). Some of the escapes that he makes in the backfield only to throw a laser down field to one of his receivers--simply amazing!

And a lot like Mr. Manziel.

Hmmm...sounds like getting the Manziel disease isn't so bad after all. Heck, it just might make you famous.

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