Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Have We Seen the Last of Texas Longhorns QB David Ash?

Quarterback David Ash appears to finally be over his concussion but is far from being game ready--and it looks like he might not play again anyway.

The Texas Longhorns were looking for big things out of quarterback David Ash this season. Instead he and the team struggled going 1-2 before he received a concussion against Kansas State.

Ash has missed the last three games and will not play against Kansas. Word is that he is no longer feeling the effects of the concussion he received against the Wildcats back on September 21, but it doesn't look like he is going to be playing anytime soon (or possibly at all).

Ash's head has been deemed ready to go, but it appears that the rest of him may not be now. In the time that he has been injured he has managed to put on 10 pounds and is no longer in game shape. However, even if he was cleared to play (which he hasn't been) it does not seem as if Mack Brown is looking to play him... read the full post follow the link to MVPTexas!


  1. Ash was never the best quarterback. It's just another example of this Texas coaching staff not picking the right quarterback. They missed on guys like RGIII, Manziel, and Dalton because they aren't good at evaluating talent. Case McCoy is their best option at this point, but he was always better than Ash.

  2. Lets not forget Famous Jameis