Monday, October 28, 2013

Houston Cougars Head Coach Pranks His Team With Halloween Uniform Reveal

The Houston Cougars have quietly become a pretty good team. With the No. 17 offense in the nation leading the way the Cougars have gotten off to a 6-1 start with their only loss being a one pointer to another good team (BYU). Thursday the nation will get a chance to watch these guys when they take on South Florida.

So  with the team going on national television there is not a better time for the team to break out some new uniforms. With that game also coming on Halloween its also the perfect time for Head Coach Tony Levine to pull a prank on his team.

Levine does a great job of building up the team before revealing the special uniforms. The simmering excitement in the room is clearly ready to explode at any moment making what these guys see first--something that looks like it was made with an iron on kit for a little league team-- even better:

Well done Coach.

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