Friday, October 11, 2013

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Getting Over the Hump on Freestyle Friday

Normally when I watch the Freestyle Friday clips I'm thinking--hot dance moves (will never be able to do any of them) babes...go babes.Yeah, something like that. Since I know how many of the folks that checkout my blog are looking to see the latest  dance moves  it  was my duty to them to provide them with a clip of some lovely young ladies doing them.

But this week is different. Yes, the moves are still awesome and the babes are still hot, but there  is more to this video--it stars a camel.


I don't know if it was intentional or if it's just  me, but I watched this and thought it was sending a message that the team is going to 'get over the hump' that it has been stuck behind lately and start playing like fans know they can play.

The season is only five weeks old; there is a lot of football left to play. Anything can happen--the team just  needs to get over the hump first.

Awesome pic. Had to include it. @TexansCheer/Twitter
Or maybe they just dig those commercials with the camel walking through the office.  I don't know. Anyway...

Be sure and watch the entire clip; the outtakes at the end are pretty  funny.

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