Monday, October 21, 2013

Houston Texans Release Three Rookies Over Hotel Incident in Kansas City; Possibly Cigar-Related? [UPDATE]

This is not something you hear everyday from an NFL team; college maybe, but not pros. The Houston Texans have released three players after some kind of team violation that occurred in the hotel the team stayed at in Kansas City.

Guys getting let go for team violations is generally associated more with college teams than NFL, but that didn't stop Kubiak from letting go rookies Sam Montgomery, Cierre Wood, and Willie Jefferson. He would not elaborate on what they did, but apparently it had something to do with their behavior in Kansas City.

All three were in active so it is not as if the team lost vital players, but the circumstances are curious. Whatever they did happened Saturday because the three were sent home Sunday morning and were told they were being released.

I hope this is not the case, but according to the rumor mill the guys were smoking cigars in the hotel room--and that was it. Since Jefferson has a pretty intense drug history the assumption was that he was smoking something else, but that doesn't account for Wood or Montgomery. 

However, no rooms were searched and the three were sent home.

If this is true it is pretty ridiculous. I would expect if from a college team, but from the NFL where players are arrested all the time for all sorts of things without getting cut? There has to be more to this.

It will be surprising if the NFLPA does not get involved.

[UPDATE; 10:04 PM ET]: 

It is now being reported that the team let these guys because they were smoking pot. I would still be surprised if the NFLPA does not have something to say here.

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